E-Mail senden

Benötigte Imports

Imports System.Net.Mail


Private Sub Mail_senden()      
    Dim Msg As New MailMessage
    Dim myCredentials As New System.Net.NetworkCredential
    myCredentials.UserName = "E-MAIL-ADRESSE"
    myCredentials.Password = "E-MAIL-PASSWORT"

    Msg.IsBodyHtml = False

    Dim mySmtpsvr As New SmtpClient()
    mySmtpsvr.EnableSsl = True
    mySmtpsvr.Host = "HOST (ZUM BEISPIEL 'gmail.com')"
    mySmtpsvr.Port = 25

    mySmtpsvr.UseDefaultCredentials = False
    mySmtpsvr.Credentials = myCredentials

        Msg.From = New MailAddress("SENDER-E-MAIL")
        Msg.Subject = "BETREFF"
        Msg.Body = "NACHRICHT"
        MsgBox("E-Mail gesendet.", MsgBoxStyle.Information, Title:="Information")
    Catch ex As Exception
        MsgBox(Err.Number & ex.Message & ex.StackTrace.ToString)
    End Try
End Sub

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